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VESLA NEW MATERIALS CO., LTD. was founded  in Shanghai, China in August 2021. Specializing in the SQE of silicon rubber with annual sales of USD $4 million across 3 continents, it offers dedicated service to find or match the lowest prices nationwide. ​




Vesla  was founded by 4 engineers with a combined total of 24-years of experience in the SQE of rubber products among them. Its partners and clients include the number one silicon manufacturer in China as well as LongJi, Boviet and Canadian Solar.



Vesla is able to mange all the sevices required to bring the product to the client: Sourcing, audits and inspections of suppliers and products; Chemical analysis and certifications; and Financing and logistics. 



Vesla sepcializes in silicon rubber and membranes. It also offers related rubber products, such as flat transmission belts and customizable rubber matting for all surfaces.


"VESLA was founded in August 2021 to manage and maintain silicon rubber supply chains during the pandemic. Now that COVID-related lockdowns have ended and the world's economy enters its reconstruction phase our goal is to make sure our clients bring their projects to their full potential and get new ones off the ground."Bonnie Sheng, Executive Sales Director.

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