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Brief Outline of Vesla:

VESLA was founded in Shanghai, China by four engineers, with a combined total of 24-years of experience of rubber products among themSpecializing in the field of silicon rubber with annual sales of USD $4 million and clients across 3 continents in Africa, Brazil and China, it offers dedicated service to find or match the lowest prices worldwide. Vesla‘s current lineup of products and services include:   

  • Transission Belts

  • Silicon Membranes

  • Supplier Quality Engineering (SQE)

  • Chemical Analysis and Certifications

  • Logistics

  • Sourcing and quotations


With FAHDS, ROHS, MSDS, PFAS certifications and partners and clients that include the number one silicon manufacturer as well as LongJi, Boviet and Canadian Solar, Vesla priortizes both quality and cost-effectiveness. As the world's economy enters a reconstruction phase following the pandemic, Vesla sees its role as that of making sure its clients bring their projects to their full potential while getting new ones off the ground. "Simply put, our goal is to make the SQE of silicon rubber as easy as ABC (VESLA)." —Yvonne Sheng, Executive Sales Director.

Founding Members:


+86 13721068534



No. 1881 Zhengbo Road
Lingang Area, Shanghai

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