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Products and Services

​ABC Vesla Products & and Services

ABC Vesla is committed to offering our clients the best possible products and services. Our main products are divided into flat belt transmission and silicon rubber products. Among the former, we offer conveyor belts made of nylon, felt and leather. Among the latter we offer sealing strips, elastic belts, low hardness ruber for extrusion and further moulding. Special solutions can be found for customized items not in our catalogues.

Our services don't just end with the product and ABC also offers the logistic services that ensure the product arrives at its clients' door.

Silicon Rubber

Vesla New Materials Ltd. offers a high tear-resistant silicon rubber sheets for a range of applications. Among the ones listed are: silicon for extrusion and low hardness silicon rubber as well as finished products such as silicon elastic belts and silicon rubberWe also offer custom made products in accordance with our clients specifications and proudly consider that no job is too difficut for us.


Vesla New Materials Ltd. offers supplier quaility engineering. This includes auditing factories and inspecting their products of third parties. We can also provide services in logistics and supply chain management and solutions to specific problems.

Transmission Belts

Vesla New Materials Ltd. other speciality is in flat transmission belts for industrial purposes. These come in a variety of materials, such as nylon, felt, leather and rough rubber. Their applications include conveyor belts for factories, warehouses and airports. 


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Lingang Area, Shanghai

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